Monday, July 19, 2010


     I know of several individuals who are faced with career transitions premature of retirement by 3 – 5 years.  They are being dealt a hard blow for which there was no planning, no visible means of financial sustainability, or idea of what to do next.  Their personal reactions vary, as well as their personal circumstances and responsibilities.
     There is no magic wand that will make everything better, nor will a frantic search for immediate employment likely result in new employment right away.  Hence, what might be called for is time to reckon with the new situation internally to allow oneself to adjust, find clarity, and to renew one’s spirit in strength.

     In my first blog for this year I spoke about transition and how terrifying it can be: like swinging from a trapeze, letting go in mid air to grab the next bar.  The challenges this period will present to someone will force one to take steps to address many issues, step by step.  Many of these challenges are likely to be uncomfortable and overwhelming, but it is a process – the process of Life.  Each challenge, crisis, issue, or problem that requires you to handle or solve it, is also setting you up to be in position for that which is coming next.  The process requires tenacious faith that things will unfold as they should.

     The period of transition will last as long as it lasts.  Here are just a few suggestions to assist you in this period:  Focus on what you do have and the many ways that you are blessed.  Create activities that you can do for free.  Cultivate consistency in patterns that will move you toward your goals – such as allotting the same amount of time daily, at the same time of day, to work on your project.  The last suggestion is to be a blessing to someone else each day.

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  1. Your comments are well taken. Although I'm not being forced out, I am retiring at the end of the year after 32 years with the same employer. I do want to move into a new career and the transition period will be a bit unnerving. Your points are well taken. I sensed those were initiatives I would need to take, just hadn't verbalized it yet. Keep your encouraging comments coming!