Monday, September 27, 2010


     About two years ago I bought a book that I found to be interesting by its cover and from perusing through its pages.  Like many of the books in my library, they sit on the shelf until I pull them down to read or wish to secure a nugget of wisdom and put it back on the shelf.

     This past summer I took the book off the shelf and began to read it.  I could not put it down and a few days ago I had the opportunity to listen to its author, Michael Gates Gill, in person. 

     Here is a person who was born into privilege with all of its trappings.  He had an Ivy League education and walked into a job at the leading advertising agency in America at that time.  Noting the price he paid for that insular existence of privilege and wealth, he spoke about company loyalty that required him to take a phone call Christmas morning while his children were opening presents.  Out of a sense of duty, he left them to go to the office to do work for a key client.  He missed out that important day with his family.

     Years later his Life changed, as did his fortunes and prestige.  He found himself working as a barista at Starbucks and his book, How Starbucks Saved My Life, chronicles that experience.  He was able to reflect upon his Life, his family and relationships, and his beliefs about people.  In the process, he realized that he was happier working at Starbucks than ever in his Life.  He told the audience that he gained “a part time job for a full time Life”, and he learned to “look with respect at every individual”.

     Sometimes with adversity, God is putting you into position for that which is to follow – for how He will use you next.  For this man, through his continued work at Starbucks, his book, lectures, and upcoming screenplay about his Life, God is using him to let us know to cherish our families and relationships, respect others, and know that money is not everything.

© Dr. Drayton-Craig, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010


          In recent weeks I have learned that several friends are being affected by leaving their place of employment shy of their intended retirement plans.  In other words, they find themselves suddenly in retirement that was not planned to take place yet.  What to do?

     Perhaps they had 2 years to go or 5 years.  They may have retirement funds upon which they can draw, or perhaps not.  This means that financial responsibilities appear difficult to cover in that case.

     The reactions, of course, vary because the personal Life circumstances also vary.  Yet, in all cases, the individuals find themselves at the place of the unknown.  A door has closed and a new door has not yet opened.  It is like standing in a lobby or waiting room wondering which door leads to the office you want and the convenience of a wall directory is not available.  What to do?

     With such an important Life transition, it may be best to embrace it until next steps reveal themselves – especially if the need is not there to immediately find new employment in order to survive.  Embrace it.  Give yourself time to go through the ups and downs of emotions this new stage of Life brings.  Use the time to clean-up and clear-out clutter and papers that have built up over the years. Complete things that have been dangling for some time.  The process is therapeutic.  Find something enjoyable to do every day and cultivate free pleasures.  Notice your moods and needs as the seasons change and what you learn about how you adapt to these changes.  Volunteer your time – a few hours a week.  Someone needs your help, enthusiasm, and expertise.  Keep a journal or have a notebook handy always to jot down ideas, feelings, and experiences.  Over time what will emerge is the path you should take regarding how to spend your retirement; semi-retirement; or new career.  What to do?  Embrace where you are.

© Dr. Drayton-Craig, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010


     September has the feeling of January when you consider our tendency to attempt a fresh start at our work.  In the summer we have been in a relaxed mode and enjoyed time away from work and other commitments.  Schedules became lighter.  Now that September has arrived and Labor Day is over, we think about work, back to school, and about making necessary repairs to our homes, automobiles and property in preparation for winter.  Our calendars fill up again with activities.

     Perhaps, you are facing a big project that you want to complete by year end.  Maybe this project has dragged on and you have not made headway.  Here are some suggestions to experience success with it:  Let go of any self-talk about what you have not been able to complete regarding the project and use today to renew and start refreshed.  See it as doable and possible, regardless of the challenges or set-backs you have experienced.  Create a bite-sized action plan and nibble away, step-by-step, in getting your project completed.  Keep in mind that you would do well to create inlets of inspiration for yourself.  Develop a laser beam focus as you work to complete this project.

     It can be done and YOU can do it.

© Dr. Drayton-Craig, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010


This weekend will give us the last holiday of the summer season. While we will all enjoy ourselves, there is a kind of undertow of sadness around Labor Day because it marks the end of summer, and we all love our summers. It is the time of the year when the child in us comes out to play. Summer brings with it a nostalgic feeling that brings back memories of our childhood days. Added to all those good feelings are all the good food and friends we get to share it all with. I have to admit, I am one of those people who loves the summer season, and I do get a little sad to see it go. But here's the antidote to those summer's end blues: Fall is just around the corner, bringing with it those magnificent Indian Summer days that makes it feel like it is summer all over again. Along with those sunny days are those delicious cool fall evenings that make our end-of-the-day walks perfect.

So let's celebrate all the seasons! And speaking of celebrating.  This past Friday, I launched  my Fall Book Signing Tour on "First Friday" at Fox Optical in Bethlehem, PA.   I want to THANK EVERYONE who came out and gave their support (and thanks to those who weren't able to attend, but who were there in spirit).  As promised, it was a wonderful event. 

I want to send my well wishes to everyone for a safe and joyous Labor Day Holiday!  Enjoy!