Monday, October 18, 2010


     This past week I had the opportunity to connect with two people who have a gift that they would like to bring forth for the benefit of others and for self-fulfillment.  One has gone through a Life experience and wants to be of service to others who are facing similar situations.  Determined to make a difference, this person is taking on an awesome task of gathering people together in a lovely setting to provide a formal “workshop”, free to individuals.  This requires all sorts of angels for financial sponsorships in a very quick time frame.  In addition, the participants need to be identified and told about this wonderful opportunity. 

     Not knowing how it will come together, this individual is determined to pull this event off successfully within one month, saying, “I’ve got to start somewhere.” This person certainly desires a successful event, but is not attached to the results. Rather, starting somewhere gives impetus to producing the long-term vision.

     The other individual is a talented writer who is in a situation at home that compromises quality time needed to creatively write.  This person has put on “hold” the creative aspect of his/her gift by reason of the temporary family crisis, but is now ready to once again produce a piece of work because he/she was inspired by something read by another author.  We talked about ways to get around the home circumstances that infringe on the creative time and work space.  Yet, we agreed that so many of our most talented and prolific artists, composers, and writers created their masterpieces through personal turmoil and against all odds.

     We each have talent.  We are blessed with gifts that can be a blessing to someone else.  Execute your gifts to manifest your dreams. Do.  Start somewhere.  START NOW. 

© Dr. Drayton-Craig, 2010

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