Wednesday, February 9, 2011


     Every now and then, we get into a period that feels static.  It is not that we are spinning our wheels, but we just don’t feel like we are accomplishing much.   We may not be doing new fun things, but merely existing through a day to day predictable schedule. 

     The seasons may not help the situation because as individuals we may function differently in different seasons.  For example, we may find ourselves functioning best in the icy cold months.  Some people relish rainy, snowy, or bleak days because they offer time to be still, contemplate, and get work done.  Others may prefer the warmth of long sunny days in spring and summer.  Each of us should be aware of the personal ingredients needed for our optimal functioning.  Yet, there may be things that one can do to re-charge one’s battery regardless of the external variables like weather, so that you can get moving and become inspired.  A vacation somewhere might do the trick.  However, there are inexpensive or free ways that can also work:

Read a biography or autobiography from the library of someone, not necessarily of grand stature, but of someone who beat the odds, or started to triumph late in Life; someone who started a second or third career; someone who did not come from wealth, yet, who excelled with prolific creativity.

Read a book from the library about anything other than what you would normally read about.

Pick up your camera and take pictures from your window.  Take pictures of objects in your home.  Print them.  Make a collage of the photos, or glue them into a journal and write about your feelings.

Spend a weekend playing wonderful music throughout the house or apartment and commit to relaxing activities like daydreaming, cloud gazing, and writing cheerful note cards to others.  Put on a slow pot of soup while you are doing this, or bake cookies to eat or give to someone else.  Sit down to a cup of fine coffee or a beautiful place setting for a cup of tea.

Go someplace where you can dance.

Go to a movie in the middle of the day.

Take a bus ride or train ride to another city for the day, by yourself, and walk around; visit shops, have a meal, go to a museum or art gallery; and come back home.  Watch the scenery as you travel.

Do something you have never done.

     We don’t have to have a lot of resources to bring joy, a new perspective, a sense of being “on vacation”, or a sense of being nurtured, in order to put one’s self on a path of renewal.

© Drayton-Craig, 2011

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