Saturday, December 15, 2012



It is time to have a discussion about mental health in this country; violence in this country - as I watch the news coverage, even on Fox, an ultra conservative media outlet, when they cut to commercial after talking about psychosis and sociopathy, the immediate commercial is about an upcoming VIOLENT film with the actor having a knife in his hand ready to slash a woman. Face it, we feed off violence. Maybe somewhere people are going to say enough and our images in toys, television, film, books, games will shift; maybe we will also value the lives of countless people who die on our streets in our urban centers - the kids there who don't even ever expect to live past 18; maybe we will talk about the upsurge in hit and run car accidents where people are killed; maybe we will have a discussion about why America seems to have legions without a soul; maybe we will talk about the children we have killed as collateral damage in our wars and defense around the world; maybe we will get around to talking about PEACE - inward, outward, and demonstrated. Maybe we will get to the point of each and every one of us being the STAND that THE VIOLENCE MUST END!

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  1. Yes, actually it is past time. This tragedy's cause goes deeper than gun control. There was a family who was hurt and at the same time may have been denying the issues they faced. We are losing too many people through violence.