Monday, January 4, 2010



I had a recent conversation with someone about what that person might like to do over the next ten years of working before retirement. In this case, the children were grown and had completed their education. The individual wanted to do something else, yet, some of the usual considerations were keeping this person from seriously contemplating what would bring personal fulfillment and be meaningful in the way work.

This is where soul searching and prayerful contemplation can help one to discover what to do to fulfill one’s purpose. Unlike goals, your purpose is a constant and keeps going. Goals, on the other hand, get completed and new goals are created. Being on purpose is the compass for your Life. You can do many things over the years and still be on track with your purpose for being.

Fear is the biggest thing that holds people back from venturing forth in their lives. We often settle for so little in fulfillment because we fear the unknown and we fear making a mistake.

One of the things I mention about Goal Setting – Action Plan and Due Dates, on my website ( is that before you venture forth you want to align your goals with your principles so that you can experience inner and outer harmony when you achieve them. Choosing goals that are dissonant to your core values will more than likely bring unhappiness if they manifest at all. I suggest that the first place to start is to ask God to guide you to know what you should seek in your Life.

When I have done this and know what it is that I am to do, my trust that God will provide allows me to venture forth and begin the process of getting past the fears that keep me stuck. Might you desire to do something with your Life and are you holding back? What are your thoughts?

Dr. Ethel Drayton-Craig

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