Monday, March 22, 2010


It is gratifying to see how people respond when they are being lifted up with praise and recognition. No only does their countenance change, but they way they carry their bodies also changes.

I remember my son’s graduation when every student was called up to the stage. The student stood before the audience and together we heard the headmaster read at least 1 page of things that set that student apart from others. The student was recognized for his/her strengths, talents, unique traits, and qualities that were admired by others in the various relationships that student had at the school.

It was noticeable how each student stood more and more erect as these positive things were being said about them. Their faces were full of joy. It was extraordinary to witness.

Whenever I can, I like to raise people up for their fine qualities, complimenting them publically for the things about them that make them valuable in a working relationship, and the things about them that brighten my day.

So often we give of ourselves and the value that we are to others is not recognized. For those who have low self-esteem, going unnoticed and being taken for granted reinforces poor appreciation of one’s self. Not only can praise lift the spirits of another, but it is likely to result in that person giving more of him/herself, and with greater excellence in whatever capacities he/she can.

It is a good feeling to verbally appreciate another person. This week, try to say something nice to someone and notice if there is any difference in the person and/or you.

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