Monday, April 19, 2010



On numerous occasions I have had the opportunity to talk to groups of graduating students. It is a wonderful time for them when they are in their senior year of study with all of the anticipation of what success will bring. It can be a scary time, too: Friendships will be taking on a new dynamic. Some will fade and some may stand the test of time.

Yet, for those facing the prospect of finding a job, it might be scarier. Recently, I heard a soon-to-be graduate, who will have an advanced degree from a professional school, remark that he/she did not go to school to end up with the same salary he/she had before starting school. If Life could be that simple! We are not entitled to employment or to a particular salary. We are not entitled to employment in our field of study.

We would like to think that earnest study will pay off with our dreams fulfilled. However, God has the plans for how He wants to use us. Sometimes, that fits our pictures and sometimes it doesn’t. The process of Life’s journey may have twists and turns in the road but we are always where we need to be for the lessons we are to learn and for the talents we are to acquire to be in position for what God plans for later on.

This is why I tell young people to put God first in one’s Life and to be attuned to the guidance He gives. Rather than seeking money first and foremost, do what you love and let the money follow. Doing what you love is where your heart is and that is likely to be aligned with your purpose for Being rather than the purpose of solely securing money.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming big and going for what you want in Life, but, the prayer should be, “God, if it is Your will.” It just might be that the success you dream comes after a few detours and later on in time.

© Dr. Ethel Drayton-Craig, 2010

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