Monday, April 5, 2010


The Easter weekend has been inspiring, beginning with Friday. I went to a Good Friday service for the first time in my Life and stayed the three hours for the half hour segments that started at noon. I wanted to do this as part of my devotion this Lent to focus on prayer, meditation, and my work.

In the evening, I went to the First Friday merchant event in Bethlehem and visited the Banana Factory exhibit of Charles Stonewall’s photo documentary project for kids at risk. They produced INCREDIBLE bound books of their photographs with covers that they created. AWESOME talent. Then I visited two other gallery openings there and met many friends.

Later, I met loads of other acquaintances in the street. At First Fridays, hundreds of people walk the strip and it creates a Greenwich Village atmosphere for this artsy “left bank” type of section of Bethlehem. With the weather in the high 70’s, the world was out. I even bumped into someone who I reconnected with on LinkedIn this week that used to live here and is now in Massachusetts – and was here visiting this weekend! We hugged and kissed like old home week. The merchants know me, so it can be lively. They provide wine, cheese, punch, and cookies so that crowds come in to visit, talk, shop, and listen to musical artists.

Saturday was gorgeous and the love in the air had loads of grown adults stopping or slowing down in their cars to honk and wave to the Easter Bunny on the corner of a 4-lane intersection. The Bunny was waving to us as it stood next to a sign for the Easter flowers at the nearby nursery. I honked from the other side of the street and waved just before I made my turn. I honked and waved coming back. The number of fun loving adults honking was amazing. We see the Easter Bunny and we remember chocolate! Gotta honk.

Of course Easter service was auspicious with an inspiring message. Later, my walk in the park winding with the river full of wading fishermen, and the blowing chartreuse weeping willow trees in bloom created a picture postcard memory. Yet, nothing tops that better than a feast with friends for Easter dinner.

It was a beautiful weekend. May the promise of the season magnify in your Life this week.

© Dr. Ethel Drayton-Craig

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