Monday, September 13, 2010


     September has the feeling of January when you consider our tendency to attempt a fresh start at our work.  In the summer we have been in a relaxed mode and enjoyed time away from work and other commitments.  Schedules became lighter.  Now that September has arrived and Labor Day is over, we think about work, back to school, and about making necessary repairs to our homes, automobiles and property in preparation for winter.  Our calendars fill up again with activities.

     Perhaps, you are facing a big project that you want to complete by year end.  Maybe this project has dragged on and you have not made headway.  Here are some suggestions to experience success with it:  Let go of any self-talk about what you have not been able to complete regarding the project and use today to renew and start refreshed.  See it as doable and possible, regardless of the challenges or set-backs you have experienced.  Create a bite-sized action plan and nibble away, step-by-step, in getting your project completed.  Keep in mind that you would do well to create inlets of inspiration for yourself.  Develop a laser beam focus as you work to complete this project.

     It can be done and YOU can do it.

© Dr. Drayton-Craig, 2010

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  1. Practical, doable, and inspiring. Thank you!