Monday, December 13, 2010


          While taking my walk the other day, I met a friend and asked, “How are you?”   The reply was, “Not so good, I’ve had a bad couple of days.”  Inquiring further, I learned that this person is sad this Christmas season because of a relationship that ended at the start of the summer.  We had spoken about that on previous occasions and I assumed my friend was moving on with Life.

     As we spoke, it became evident that my friend is gearing up for a miserable Christmas day, so much so, that this person plans to keep the radio and television off that day and paint a room to “forget” that it is Christmas.  I offered several suggestions of things to do to have a meaningful day that would add sunshine to this person’s experience, as well as to others.  Yet, it did not take long for me to realize that my friend was more committed to being miserable than to having an ok day, or even a joyous day. 

     I told this person that painting a room on Christmas day was not appropriate and certainly would not change the fact that it was Christmas.  In addition, if a room needed to be painted, paint it now and spend the day making others happy on Christmas…referring to my previous blog.  I pointed out how blessed this person was and is, as I referred to my personal friends who have just buried a son, buried a mother and grandmother, is having surgery today for cancer, and is having surgery about 2 days before Christmas. 

     I walked away, giving this one an “assignment” in planning for a different day than the one being created.  We laughed as we parted and I continued my walk, not sure what this person would do.  I reflected on the experience the rest of the way.  I thought to myself, that interaction was a blessing for me, in that I could look in the mirror.  We always have mirrors in our relationships with others.  It affirmed for me that the season and Christmas day has nothing to do with me, my circumstances, or us.  It is about the birth of Jesus, the Christ.  That is the celebration.  The hope and Light of this birth makes any personal issue pale in comparison.

     The season is one that finds people in all sorts of circumstances: career, health, finances, relationships, family, and housing.  If you celebrate Christmas, it is not about any of these.  It is not about Santa Claus or presents.  It is about His presence…His birth.

     Choose to live the day as a Blessing to someone, including you.

© Dr. Drayton-Craig, 2010

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  1. Is a real blessings of reading your blog!
    Yes Indeed Jesus is Lord....

    Edith Williams