Monday, December 27, 2010


     As we wind down the year, one of my soothing tasks is to take a pen and pad and write a list, sentence after sentence, of all the things I am grateful for while scanning the events of my Life over the year. 

     I began the task this morning and I have already filled up 4 pages, front and back.  I haven’t read them out loud yet, and I am sure that I will feel so very blessed when I do.

     The people with whom I have interacted and the experiences I have had show me the good, the kindness, the forgiveness, the support, the vast richness and love we have given each other.

     My wish is that you have been equally blessed and that your joys, good health, love, peace, and prosperity cannot be contained in 2011, such that your good runneth over!

     Happy New Year!

© Dr. Drayton-Craig, 2010

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