Monday, February 8, 2010

The Junk Heap

Have you ever gone past a junkyard and wondered about the things contained within? I have heard a television preacher say that when she and her husband drove past a junkyard, her husband remarked, “Those things are somebody’s dreams.” That statement struck me because I never looked at it that way before.

I contemplate that statement because one can acquire much over a lifetime. Surely, there are things that we feel we must have and do. There are things that we save months – even years to acquire, and then one day they are old, tarnished, broken, and outdated. Oftentimes, we admit to ourselves that we are amazed that we ever wanted the item in the first place. We can certainly say that about the clothing we find in our closets and drawers that have survived a decade or more.

Was there a particular profession that you entered because it was your dream? What work did you do day and night in order to secure a particular job title or income level? What work was more valuable to you than your family and friends who accepted your apologies for missing an event? What activities and habits are so important to you that you neglect your physical well-being? What invitation is so important that you are hurt when you do not receive one? In what neighborhood do you dream to own a home? Why? (to all of your answers).

We pay for everything in physical, and/or mental, and/or emotional, and/or spiritual coin. When you assess where you are, what you are seeking, what you have acquired, and why, in view of the cost in relationship to the value, might you want to reprioritize your goals and aspirations? When the fruits of your focus and labor end up on the junk heap, will it have been worth it? I hope so.

Dr. Ethel Drayton-Craig

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