Sunday, February 28, 2010


On a Friday evening I watched and listened to David Leonhardt share his genius on the piano with his percussionist and bass player at the Allentown Symphony Jazz Cabaret, marveling at his musical gift as his fingers danced in the high treble cleft octaves then zipped down several octaves with rich tonal sounds sweet to the ears. I wondered from where such a gift originates. How does someone get to be that intimate with notes and a keyboard that improvisation sounds like that?
The next day I went to the Picasso exhibit at the Philadelphia museum and was awe struck by the assemblage of paintings by Picasso and others. So many of them I had seen in my freshman lecture hall class in art history, or at other museums. I found myself inspired to create and once again I wondered about the genius people have to express Life as they experience it.

Now, several days later, I want to use this rainy day to be quiet and get in touch with the splendid ways I create and how I am always replenished over and over again. I never get empty. It seems so natural and it is something we all have inside. The modality may differ. We are not all going to express by music, painting, or writing. But, there is something we each do and love to do that allows us to put our signature on it in a unique fashion because it comes from deep within. It might be something that is created in a hobby space, garden, kitchen, or conversation with another.

We each have gifts that nurture our souls and are blessings to others who get to witness what we have created. We are God’s vessels to express that which we have been given to cultivate, and share. Where is your genius? How do you express it so that others are blessed by it?

Dr. Ethel Drayton-Craig

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