Friday, February 12, 2010


Everything was in place: the wires, the hardware, and the juice. My TV would not come on because there was no signal. Unable to hear the latest of what was happening with the snow storm, I resorted to continuing my evening, like my day: in quiet. The next day there still was no signal until the afternoon.

Something so critical – a signal

I think of the times when I have pushed and pulled to make something happen that I wanted. There is something to be said about surmounting odds and sticking to something until it comes to fruition. Much of the time that is where we fall short. Yet, something that can be so easily overlooked is whether the project I planned was right for me to take on in the first place. Maybe the timing or the way I planned to go about it was not quite the way it should have been for an optimal outcome.

The process of beating the odds can feel like Sisyphus rolling a boulder uphill, in literally, an uphill battle. I am reminded when I enter a struggle pattern to stop and be still. When I encounter struggle in trying to make something happen, or to get my own way, I need to stop and be still. In that stillness, quiet reflection, contemplation and prayer, I may come to realize that nothing needs tweaking. I do not need to try harder. I do not need to make more connections with people in order to get my way, nor do I need to be more forceful.

The simple answer may appear: There is no signal. It is not the right time. I have learned to honor that and wait for God’s signal about how and when to proceed. WITHOUT A SIGNAL – ALL ATTEMPTS ARE FOR NAUGHT.

Dr. Ethel Drayton-Craig


  1. Ethel - you made a beautiful connection, one I agree with completely. Through meditation my signal is made stronger, more audible. And the events of life are decoded, as it sometimes requires, with ease and grace. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you Ethel. You can't really see the stars if you are thinking or talking. Be still!

  3. Good point Ethel. This is why I try not to get disappointed with much any longer as I've found that not getting the thing I thought I wanted is God's way of keeping me from danger. Things can certainly be hard to attain, but they should never be "forced".