Monday, May 31, 2010


I sat quietly Sunday morning listening to the chorus of birds chirping from the trees in the neighborhood. Rachmaninov and Chopin piano concertos played softly in the background. All were still. There were no motors revving over lawns. Children were still inside and there was quiet. In the stillness I began to think about people I have known and what they have done to add to my Life.

I decided to list their names and next the name, write what it is/was in the relationship that I appreciate and for which I have gratitude.

One friend came to mind because whenever I think of her and envision her in my mind’s eye, I think “joy, light, kindness, and love towards others”. She makes strangers and people who work in the capacity of serving, feel worthy.

What I hold dear is the living demonstration this person is for me to not take others for granted and to take time to add words of kindness and conversation to those whom I can overlook in my haste to complete a transaction.

This person has a remarkable gift that is brought to others. That is why it is uplifting to be in her radiant presence.

This week, I invite you to think about those individuals who have added to your Life and to practice awareness of others with whom you are in contact. Add a blessing to them in your interaction.

© Dr. Drayton-Craig, 2010


  1. You always invite me into my highest self.

    Blessings and love


  2. Thank you Ethel for your thoughtful words of wisdom. As always, they come at the most apropos moment, reminders of thoughts actions and deeds that can have such meaningful impacts on one's life and in the life of others. I sincerely appreciate you and all that you bring with your wonderful words of guidance and wisdom. Many blessings always. ~ Naimah