Monday, May 24, 2010


When my son was younger and was directed by me to do something, occasionally he would ask, “Why?” There were times when I would give him a reason and at other times I would respond, “Because I said so.” I might have added, “And for no other reason!”

Such it is with Life, you command your thoughts and actions and you go where your thoughts take you. There are days when we would rather not do something because we don’t feel like it. There may be times that we would rather do something else but we said that we would do an activity with someone. What to do?

There is power in doing what you said you would do – holding to the integrity of your word. People learn that they can count on you and you learn that you can count on you….because you said so.

This can be a useful tool to get something done when you rather not, or to elevate your mood when you rather give in and give up. Give yourself a command that positively states a desired outcome, or describes how you would like to feel.  Because you said so, and for no other reason, do what is necessary to bring about the desired outcome. It may take practice, yet after a short time, you are likely to notice that you can leverage low ambition or desire into fruitful outcomes.

© Dr. Drayton-Craig, 2010

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  1. I appreciated the addage of "and for no other reason" than "I said so." I often back out of my own commitments to personal goals that required a great deal of living to even arrive at them. My excuses mount as the thought provoked fear tallies the reasons to cease moving forward. To hear instead a simple "because I said so" and "and for no other reason" in answer to the "why should I continue?" is really quite enough. Thank you for sharing this.